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ROCK ATHLETIC'S ambassador program is an exclusive membership for zealous gym goers, elite athletes and social influences that are leaders in their community and are energetically engaged in promoting fashion, active & healthy lifestyles.


ROCK ATHLETIC embraces every individual on different levels of their fitness journey through a supportive community. We believe in creating functional fitness clothes that reflect a passion for living an active lifestyle. They are designed to assist you through the toughest of challenges, emanate confidence and motivate not only you, but those around you too.

We are thrilled to welcome Brand Ambassadors to our family during all aspects of their fitness journey; whether you’re just starting out, or competing professionally in sport.


Becoming a ROCK ATHLETIC, brand ambassador...


We chose individuals based on enthusiasm and engagement with your community both locally and virtually.

If we feel inspired by your social media presence, we’d be crazy not to ask you to join our team to continue spreading positivity and power through health & fitness!

Your social influence and social media presence, plays a key role in our final consideration for being an Ambassador, ultimately we want you to love our apparel as much as we do and to want to inspire others whilst doing so!

So get in touch and lets talk.........