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Men Size/Fit


It's not just about size, it's about fit and style!

ROCK ATHLETIC products have been designed and manufactured using premium quality materials that not only give you an amazing fit, but also allow you to determine the style.

The materials used, allow for high stretch capabilities whilst still retaining shape without bagging.

So whether you want a great looking well fitted garment, or want to show off those well earned muscles, you choose your style!




Example: David McIntosh

  • Chest Size : 50in
  • Waist: 34in
  • Wears size: Large Tops Large Bottoms


David prefers his clothes very fitted, which is why he chooses large. Even though he has a 50in chest, they are still comfortable due to the materials being able to accommodate the great variance in muscle shape and form.








 Example : Ricci Guarnaccio

  • Chest Size : 40in
  • Waist: 32in, 29in inside leg
  • Wears size: Medium Tops Small Bottoms


    Ricci has large arms but a smaller chest. He goes for a medium on the tops, to show his arms off. Having a shorter inside leg he goes for the small bottoms.